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Newhaven Harbour Sunset Timelapse

We are fortunate enough to be based near Newhaven Harbour in Edinburgh.

This little fishing port is a superb picturesque little spot on the banks of the Forth. Originally an industrial fishing port, it now hosts a marina of pleasure craft and a few superbly located restaurants, including Prezzo and Loch Fyne and a great wee cafe in Porto & Fi (as also recommended by Urbanity Blog as one of Edinburgh’s best coffee shops). But  fishing boats do still come in here and land their catch, which is then sold by Welch the Fishmonger from their harbourside shop. In summer it is unrivalled in Edinburgh as somewhere to sit and enjoy a drink and meal with friends in a serene seaside setting.  Blogger Jennie Stamp summed up the appeal of the place  in this blog post where she describes Newhaven as one her “happy places” especially for “breathing in the sea air and having a good old think”.

Furthermore, it is possibly the most photographed sunset location in Edinburgh, as this google search shows.

Newhaven Harbour sunset

Not only photographed, but also captured in more tradition medium also;

In winter it has it’s own invigorating splendour as the sea spray whipped up by wild winter winds blows away seasonal cobwebs. But just at the turn of the seasons, as autumn creeps in, it is wonderful to enjoy the golden light that rolls across the horizon at sunset. So as Mrs CR and I enjoyed a stroll along the harbour (the Office Intern was being babysat by his Aunty) I set up the tripod and rattled off a quick timelapse of the sunbeams rolling through the harbour entrance. Shooting RAW allowed me to bring back a wee bit of the detail in the shadows but I didn’t do any post-production to speak of. A bit more care taken during set up would have yielded better results but this wasn’t a carefully planned shot, just an opportune test while we took in the view.

Sunset timelapse Newhaven Harbour Edinburgh

So if you find yourself yearning for a bit of space to breath when in Edinburgh, do jump on the 7, 11 or 16 buses and hop off at Newhaven, walk round the breakwater and soak up all that space.

And if you need timelapse production services for your film production, drop us a line.


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