Wild World – Doorstep Discoveries // Wildlife Filmmaker Edinburgh.

When the Covid-19 lockdown occured, naturally all client filming work ceased. So, with only the confines of the flat, our small garden and the very local area, I found other things to film. And then I heard about a series produced by Nina Constable, called Wild World: Doorstep Discoveries. Nina had the great idea of crowdsourcing a series of local nature films, featuring naturalists and filmmakers from around the UK. So I thought I’d provide the context from inside a capital city, Edinburgh and made a brief foray into the life of a wildlife filmmaker.

The beauty of Wild World: Doorstep Discoveries is that it does that thing which inspires the best work, it imposes a limitation. So people could only capture what happened and they observed within the limitations of the lockdown regulations. For me, that meant really looking at what was happening around me.

The country was really fortunate to be blessed with some cracking weather and I am especially fortunate to have a small patch of garden in a part of Edinburgh which is located between so many resources such as the Forth and the Water of Leith. So we had ideal conditions to capture great little snippets.

It was also an ideal opportunity to crack out the camera trap that I bought ages ago and never had a chance to use. It yielded a lot of footage of branches being blown about, a decent amount of my cat, no shortage of squirrels and a few absolute nuggets of the local fox pair who visit fairly frequently.

I’ve never really set out to be a wildlife filmmaker or wildlife cameraman, but the almost meditative experience of slowing down to observe this range of beautiful wildlife was a real joy and something I might dabble in again. Certainly making slow, immersive films in nature is something which has always been a passion of ours, such as our wee film SNOW and short bushcraft trip memento Who calls the Stag