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Commercial Film Production

We were commissioned to produce a sizzle film of a day long “creator day” held by Google UK for the YouTube content creators of Scotland.


Google UK


YouTube hosted a Creator Day in Edinburgh on 27th Feburary 2016. Our brief was to film through the day and create  a short summary video of the event.

The Process:

YouTube is becoming the TV network of choice for people all over the world. The democratic power of the forum to allow content creators to connect to audiences and bypass the limitations of mainstream media is incredibly powerful. So powerful in fact that it allows teenagers filming conversational videos in their bedrooms to become international celebrities with regular audiences of millions. These creators are able to earn a highly lucrative living from advertising revenue.

YouTube are keen to help other creators develop their skills and audience numbers. As such they hold creator days where all manner of relevant topics are covered. We were booked to film the day and produce a “sizzle vid” for Google’s internal use.

The day was a tricky one to film as most of the presentations were held in a poorly lit conference room with a projector. Even using lenses with great low light capability, we had to ramp the ISO to get some decent exposures. This made the images noisier than we would have liked. Thankfully the breakout sessions were held in the better lit penthouse of the venue, which had amazing views out over Edinburgh castle.

Not happy with the opportunities for an establishing shot, we went up to Blackford Hill in Edinburgh to film a dawn timelapse of the castle. Generally we were happy with it, though the flicker was still present even after running a deflicker plugin over the footage. For the end shot we downloaded the official YouTube logo and pantone reference from YouTube’s website. Having downloaded the content from twenty five of the creators who attended the day, we assembled them in a mosaic and overlaid the logo and pantone over the top.

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Technical Specs:

Canon 60d

Canon 700d

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

Canon 70-200m IS 2 f2.8 lens

Canon 18-55 f2.8 lens

Audio recorded on Rode videomic

Laing steadicam

Glidetrack SD-lite slider



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