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We were commissioned to provide full film production services to the social enterprise startup Scotland’s Social Way.


Scotland’s Social Way


Scotland’s Social Way commissioned us to produce a film about Jacqui Burke’s Fashion School in Dunbar, as a pilot film to demonstrate their concept to potential funders.

The Context:

Scotland’s Social Way is a startup social enterprise which aims to develop a comprehensive map of the social enterprises of Scotland, in order that people who wish to have an ethical tourism experience in Scotland can readily access the information they need. Each social enterprise will have a dedicated webpage, complete with a profile video, and we were producing the first video.

There were a few options for the social enterprise to choose as the pilot but eventually Jacqui Burke’s Fashion School in Dunbar was chosen.

We were asked by the client to try and convey in the video the nature of the social enterprise, the projects it runs, the personal impact it had on one of the employees and also bed it into the community. This was in itself daunting given the amount of information to be conveyed in a short video.

The Process:

Shooting this took place over two days. Firstly a day of interviews and B-roll shooting at the school in Dunbar and secondly a short morning of pick up shots around Dunbar to pick up the general townscape.

Editing proved the challenge, as we had filmed five interviews over the day so I had over an hour of dialogue to distil down into a few minutes, as well as doing that in a way which picked out the key messages. We got there in the end though.

The Impact:

Not that this is a direct result of our work, but the pilot film helped Scotland’s Social Way prove their concept and win funding from First Port and UnLtd, setting them on the path to great things. The video itself was well received on social media with over 6000 views, 79 shares, 77 reactions on the page post and many more on shares. It was also shared by Iain Gray, MP for the area and former Scottish Labour Leader.

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Technical Specs:

Canon 60d

Canon 18-55 f2.8 lens

Glidetrack SD-lite slider

Zoom H1 with a lav mic.

Single LED panel lighting.

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