PBC Foundation Fundraiser Profile: Chris

Charity Film Production


The PBC Foundation


Prepare a promotional video for fundraisers taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing fundraising event, in order to increase their chances of raising more money.

The Process:

The PBC Foundation is a long established charity which helps people with Primary Biliary Cholangitis, an autoimmune liver condition with no cause or cure.

On Valentines Day 2015, they were the chosen charity for a fundraising event in Edinburgh. In order to maximise the amount which each of the nine amateur dancers raised, we created short videos mixing together talking heads and training footage. In order to maximise profit the music was just pulled from the free YouTube audio library and the titles were kept basic just to do the job.

All of the fundraisers experienced a spike in donations after their videos were shared via their social networks.

Technical Specs:

Canon 60d with Canon 18-55mm f2.8 lens & 50mm f1.8 lens

Laing Steadicam