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I haven’t shared this yet as it’s actually just a sort of souvenir film I made, of a hike I did with a friend through the top end of the Pennine Way. However, it serves as a great example of the sort of immersive content creation for brands, especially outdoor and nature focussed brands, which would serve them well on social channels and which I am keen to make.

As I was carrying all the gear it was really a minimal skeleton set up; a Canon 700d, a 17-55mm lens, one very basic travel tripod and an intervalometer. I took it because we would be in the peripheries of the Kielder Forest dark sky reserve and I hoped to maybe get a shot at an astrolapse. I didn’t really intend to film anything else, but it worked out well in the end that I did as it captured the simple beauty of our nature.

I ended up using the tripod as a sort of rig to film with a bit more stability and the astrolapse did ok, but cloud cover came in halfway through. Still, I was happy as a first attempt.

As an exercise in minimalism, it was interesting, with only one memory card, one battery, one camera, one lens, one tripod. And yet, the landscape provided multiple textures, the light brought the forest to life and the river brought movement and sound. So in this instance it was about the kit being simple in order to make the most of the subject. And I didn’t fancy carrying more weight than I had to.

Almost all of the sound you hear is added in post, with the exception of the exhilarated shouting as he goes in the water, but even this was an amalgamation of sound from a few clips and set in real time against slo-mo footage.

This sort of immersive content creation, using film with strong sound design to engage more of the senses, is exactly the sort of filmmaking we love here at Simmerdim. So imagine this approach applied to a fishing boat at sea, or a craftsman working in a workshop. The audience is drawn further into your story.

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