Esther’s Story // PBC Foundation // Charity Film Production

Charity Film Production

We were pleased to be able to take on a charity film production commission to tell Esther’s story, about her PBC and about the benefits of being active.


The PBC Foundation

Brief : Charity Film Production:

Produce a video to capture Esther’s story, in order to promote the benefits of exercise to people with chronic conditions

The Process:

The PBC Foundation is a long established charity which helps people with Primary Biliary Cholangitis, an autoimmune liver condition with no cause or cure.

This project was a fun one, not least because I got to play with a cocker spaniel puppy. Esther is a quiet, unassuming person but that belies the fact that she was seriously ill at one point and hospitalised for months with internal bleeding. However her attitude and determination to take matters into her own hands is an inspiration to many and an example which the Foundation is keen to see followed by others.

I filmed her and Suzy the Spaniel out at Cammo Estate and it’s a cracking location with only one real drawback for filming interviews – the airport flightpath.

Technical Specs:

Canon 60d with Canon 50mm f1.8

Audio recorded on Zoom H1.

Music: YouTube music library