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The PBC Foundation


Prepare a highlight reel from a fundraising event, which would also provide a good overview of the charity.

The Process:

The PBC Foundation is a long established charity which helps people with Primary Biliary Cholangitis, an autoimmune liver condition with no cause or cure. The danger for media output relating to diseases such as this is that it gravitates towards the worst case stories in order to convey the impact of the condition on those diagnosed. In this case, the Foundation wanted to create a positive piece which touched on the issues of PBC i.e. lack of awareness but took people on a journey through to the positive nature of the charity and then into the larger metaphor of the event being a high energy celebration of activity. Drawing on the earlier fundraising interviews we built this in two parts; first, setting context and second, letting the energy of the event come through. Currently it has been viewed 1800 times, shared 61 times and received 55 likes.

Technical Specs:

Canon 60d with Canon 18-55mm f2.8 lens

Laing Steadicam

Music: The Impossible by Tony Anderson (licenced from The Music Bed)