CaveFit Games – Winter edition // Social Media Event Promotional Teaser Film

Following on from the success of the CaveFit Games, which we produced a highlight film of, the team decided to create a second, winter, round of the Games at their new facility within The Edinburgh Grand. We were briefed to create a teaser film for this to stoke interest ahead of the registration information being released.

It’s really enjoyable as an Edinburgh filmmaker / videographer, to be able to work with young and vibrant start ups who are in a growth phase and keen to engage their support base with really engaging video content. Even more enjoyable is when they just trust you to deliver something that matches their brand values and style, but with your own strong creative vision.

For those who don’t know, the new CaveFit facility at the Edinburgh Grand is a basement gym, deep in the old bank vaults of the Grand. Literally. The old vault doors still exist and the walls are thick concrete. This, coupled with the colour schemes and gritty aesthetic of the CF brand, immediately put me in mind of Blade Runner and to a lesser extent the films like 28 Days Later and Stranger Things, all things which I thought would lend themselves well to a teaser.

The creative vision for the teaser was to have the space as a latent force, a sort of angry beast ready to spring into action. By juxtaposing empty, slow shots with slight motion with sharp bursts of noisy archive footage from the last games, we were able to keep that tension building.

Sound design was key to the piece as well. I decided to use a heartbeat to further place the viewer in the shoes of the protagonist and also give the piece a rhythm which wouldn’t be provided by music. Slowing down my own footsteps, recorded in camera, added a nice haunting aspect to the descent into the cave. Other audio included an electrical hum to an equivalent air conditioning sound.

The metrics have been pretty good on first inspection too with Instagram (CaveFit’s main platform) racking up 859 views with 186 likes & 24 comments in a couple of days. Many of the comments were tagging non-followers in and discussing getting a team together. An engagement rate of 21.5% is pretty decent we reckon. By comparison, an image posted to their instagram would usually gain around 35-55 likes, with an image promoting the Games (which is a big draw for CaveFit devotees), amassing 63 likes and 8 comments. So video delivering 3x the engagement rate of images.