Together // Brand advocates film for CaveFit during Coronavirus

Commercial Film Production, content creation, Edinburgh Filmmaker, sports videography

Coronavirus lockdown is something affecting all of us, with creative professionals seeing months of booked work evaporate overnight, How do you respond to this? Our strategy is to help others. To put our energy into creating awesome content that will try to keep momentum going sufficiently to see them through the other side of the restrictions. We made the following film for longstanding client CaveFit, harnessing the power of their community brand advocates to create a powerful rallying call to motivate and unify them in these times.

It was really a simple affair to pull together. Having written the poem, it was just a matter of getting the members (who are the natural brand advocates) to film themselves and send the footage to us via WhatsApp. Then we downloaded it via the desktop app straight into our hard drives and boom, assembly followed swiftly thereafter.

The response thus far has been good, with almost 2000 views on instagram in 24hrs and an engagement rate of 6.5%, which isn’t bad.

We’ve made other films for CaveFit, such as their summer and winter games highlight films, and promotional films for their pilates and myofacial release films. Its an interesting challenge, or perhaps process, to see how something can be totally different in sentiment, energy, vibe, style but still be “on brand’. The thing which unites all of these films is the members mental resolve, bringing their edge and energy to everything they do, whether it be a fitness competition or a line of poetry.

CaveFit is interesting as an entity because, while you undoubtedly do a workout in the cave, the drive is about wider personal development. This is deliberate, and is encapsulated by the seven “pillars of performance” around which CaveFit build all their work.