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We were hired by BBR Services to provide full film production services to produce a promotional film for their own, in house recruitment purposes.



BBR Services


BBR Services are a boutique recruitment consultancy based in Edinburgh who specialise in the construction and property sectors. They contracted us to put together a promotional film for social media to help them recruit five more consultants to help drive their growth.

The Context:

BBR was set up in 2014 and has since expanded to multiple offices and teams across the property and construction recruitment sectors. They recently approached us to develop a short promotional film with the intention of recruitment five more consultants to their team in Edinburgh. As a first venture into video, they wanted to run this as almost a small test project with modest budget and scope but which served a specific timely need. They have multiple social channels and good personal networks on Linkedin and felt that film would be a good way to get their values and culture across.

The Process:

After an initial meeting to determine their needs and priorities for their comms strategy, we determined that it would be best to create a short promotional film that would serve the immediate need of recruiting more consultants to the business, whilst still giving a small insight into the culture and values of the organisation. Any larger, more comprehensive piece about the organisation for the wider public would best wait until a later date. The modest budget meant that this would be a one man, self shooting PD, operation, rather than bringing together a team of professionals as a larger production budget might necessitate.

The Directors developed a script and we then provided a script editing service. It’s an odd thing to edit someone’s script, as you don’t want to change their words, but you do want to abbreviate where possible. This was simple in many cases as we knew what post-production would allow us to do, so we removed any introductory lines and simply used a lower third to communicate the names and positions of the speakers.

To get a few contextual shots of the area, we spent an hour walking around the Shore area of Leith and filmed some time-lapses and street scenes. Then on the main filming day we spent the first hour filming b-roll footage around the office. We utilised a few wee tricks, like sending a funny video to one member of staff with the instruction that they show it to the person beside them. Having already set up the shot on a long lens before sending the message, the camera had no trouble in capturing a genuine reaction between colleagues. We used other methods of getting as genuine interactions as possible. We felt this is important as otherwise we’ll end up resorting to the cliched “people pointing at computer screens” which does the job but is just a bit old hat.

The talking heads were a standard set up but we shot one facing one way down the office and then turned round for the other one, to provide a minor location variance. The main problem shooting in this scenario was that the huge windows meant that we were at the mercy of the shifting light. So we had to use ND filters, even filming indoors. But SLOG 3 gave us enough range to deal with that. However, at 8bit on the a7s ii, we found some issues with noise in that profile, which seems to be a common issue. However the grading and a mild passover with Denoiser III sorted that out.

In the edit, it was pretty much an assembly job, trying to find b-roll which enhanced the subject of the voiceover. We used the shot of both Directors at the end to complete the two part narrative and the slo-mo glide completed with the logo on the wall lining up with the logo on the end slide, accompanies by a call to action and a small bit of animation done in After Effects.

The music was an accident. We jokingly mentioned Corporate Dubstep to the client and sent an example to prove it existed. They liked it and it worked well enough so we went with it.

If you’d like to discuss making your own promotional film, then get in touch today.

Technical Specs:

Sony a7s ii (Slog 3)
Canon 18-55 f2.8 EFS lens
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS lens
Glidetrack SD-lite slider
Zoom H1 with a lav mic.
Single LED panel lighting.

Footage graded with FilmConvert with noise reduction using Denoiser III


Corporate Dubstep

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