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Editing for Beard Askew // Short event highlight film production

Back in August we were contracted by Beard Askew to provide editing services for a film they were producing for Here East. The film centred around Here East’s series of summer events, ranging from aerobics to fashion shows.

The brief was to create an upbeat, fast paced edit which reflects the energy of the week of events.

In practical terms, there were multiple cameras and picture profiles to match together, so we spent some time bringing them all to a base level of colour tones, saturation, contrast, etc. Once this was done, we moved onto pulling out selects which captured significant moments and then worked to weave them into a narrative structure based on tempo and pace, in line with the music. Our aim was to generate a piece which ebbed and flowed to show the variety of events on offer, to show that there was something for everyone and that everyone was welcome.

We went through multiple tracks and revisions before landing on the right combination of music and energy which is what you see in the video above.

In filmmaking, editing is so often overlooked as a creative discipline. How many Oscar winning editors can you name? Yet it is where films are made. Cinematography generates the raw ingredients, and the better the cinematography, acting and direction, the better a starting point an editor has, but the film really starts being made when you sit down with a huge volume of footage ready to start. It can be overwhelming, but there is a huge satisfaction in distilling and distilling and distilling and arranging and rearranging and rearranging until eventually you create something which tells a story, even if only through music and images.

We always have an approach which aims to find the story in any project, and that is so often done through painstaking hours in the editing suite.

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