Film Production

Filming for Mobility Scotland // Scottish Digital Marketing

On Thursday we visited Kirkintilloch to visit the showroom and workshop of Mobility Scotland. This company offer s a specialist service providing mobility aids for people who experience restricted movement. We were commissioned by them to produce a short film for their social channels and website “About” page for as part of their digital marketing strategy.


In our initial phone call with Operations Manager Billy, who is surely the most passionate, shining example of customer service we have ever seen, we suggested that the value that they offer customers is not a chair or mobility scooter. Those are the manifestation of value. No, rather they provide people with the means to live an independent and free life. That might sound trite, but it is the simple truth.

Having personal knowledge of the issues which a condition which arthritis can have on mobility, through my mother’s experience, I well understood the value of the service they provide and was all the more motivated to show Mobility Scotland off to the best of our abilities and really help their digital marketing efforts.


We were fortunate for it to be a compact shoot, with the showroom, workshop and the home were we could see an installed chair all in close proximity of one another. That meant we could spend more time focused on getting the shots we wanted from the people involved.

It was also a pleasure, at the end of the day, to be doing some detailed shots and hear Billy interacting with customers. It would have been wonderful to have filmed those interactions but obviously we couldn’t. So you’ll have to take it from us that he absolutely, genuinely cares about helping people who step through his doors. I know that if we’re looking for further mobility aids for my own mother, we’ll be getting in touch with Mobility Scotland.

The results will be available to see soon, but if you’d like to chat through your requirements for your digital marketing, then drop us a line today.