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2018: Review of the Year // Edinburgh Film Production

Twelve short months ago, we and a group of other film creatives set up shop in 89 Giles Street, forming Bloc Collective. We built desks, painted walls and set up our editing stations and got to work producing films, getting our freelance cinematography game on and editing piles of rushes into polished works of storytelling.

For our own part, while we had done years of other filming work, December represented the point at which we decided to create a commercial brand to start developing the sort of service which we felt there was a place for in the market.

While we are always interested in anyone’s story, as a company we are looking to move towards telling stories which address a social cause, or which are rooted in landscapes. Judging by our 2018 showreel, this would seem to be case.

Film Production Cinematography Showreel

If we’re entirely honest, showreels are not our forte. I prefer to shoot a narrative project, or something which I can infer a narrative into. An example would be our film SNOW, which we made by accident.

SNOW  // adventure filmmaking in the Cairngorm winter

The original aim had simply been to film a few stock shots for our website. However the typical overshooting that we are prone to, and which was utterly unavoidable in such an amazing locations with perfect conditions, meant that we had enough footage for a short edit. Dr Adam Watson’s voice was the perfect accompaniment.

As much as we made this film for ourselves, it was nice to see it received so positively by the wider community, being shared by the likes of Tiso, the Dundee Mountain Film Festival and others.  Also, someone who is a bit of a role model of ours, Monty Halls, gave it this wonderful review;

What a beautiful film!! Anyone feeling the heat, watch this, a wonderfully poetic film about snow, the Highlands, and attachment to the wild world around us. Great work!

As much we are in our element in the remote wilderness areas of the world, some jobs are much closer to home.

BBR Services // corporate profile film

Just round the corner from our studio in Leith is BBR Services, a recruitment consultant specialising in the construction sector around the UK. They were looking to increase their online presence and create a film advertising for consultants but which would also make their presence (and content about their values) more tangible online.

Another film project in Edinburgh, but not quite as handy as the BBR offices, was our day filming at the Personnel Recovery Centre.

Retired Army Sniffer Dog helps veteran with PTSD

We were hired by The Sun as a cinematographer to film an interview and b-roll with a veteran whose PTSD had been helped by a retired IED sniffer dog. The filming was for The Sun’s Hero Dog awards, which Keda subsequently won. But, the nature of short clips meant that I knew so much of their story had gone untold in the final edit, so I produced a cut of my own.

Lots more besides

Along with all of the above we’ve supplied camera assistant services, script editing services, and are currently pulling together an edit on a long term project about the work of artist C John Taylor and his base on Seil Island. We were also hired to carry out some event film coverage of a festive silent disco and The Centre, Livingston for internal use. Further films done speculatively include a sample film for the Isle of Mull Cheese company and also just a personal souvenir from a walking trip in Northumbria

We’ve also continued to provide a select group of clientele with high end wedding cinematography services via our sister brand Curious Robin Films.

Into 2019, what film projects are on the horizon?

Well there are a few projects which will be wrapped up in 2019 including one on Forces Children in Scotland, plus more passion projects (more of which later). Despite this we have plenty of availability to help any prospective clients with their own storytelling ambitions. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Until then, have a wonderful Christmas and  a Happy New Year.

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