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The Last Dip // Gilly McArthur completes fundraising swim challenge

When cold water simmer, rock climber, illustrator and all round good egg, Gilly McArthur planned to complete a round of fundraising swims in our neck of the woods, we had to pop along with a camera.

Portobello dooks are becoming something of a personal/professional habit of mine these past few weeks. Having thoroughly got into the spirit and sense of community which exists around outdoor swimming, through various adventures with Adam Towler , when I saw that Gilly McArthur was planning to culminate her month of cold water swims at Portobello, I had to head down to support.

I’ve followed Gilly on Instagram for a few years now. Frankly anyone who takes a sledgehammer to the ice to go for a dip is earning big respect from me, but she also runs the Womens’ Trad Festival and champions all things outdoors. This year and last, she swam in bloody cold water every day to raise money for Mind Charity , £7000ish in total over the two years. Incredible.

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning (again) and a superb atmosphere with a really strong contingent turning up to take the plunge with Gilly including, but not limited to; spring-heeled veteran of the midge challenge Callum Maclean , Olympic champ & good bloke Dan Wallace , authors of Taking the Plunge Anna Deacon & Vicky Allen, The Outdoor Swimming Society ambassadors @leography & @theoutdooralex , the crew from Feregaia , landscape photography maestro Lucy Hamilton and a whole tribe of legends.

Production Notes

Give the last minute nature of the event, or rather us finding out about it, we just has the kit in the camera bag. In the interests of covering all my bases, Cinematography wise, it was just shot on a 70-200 2.8, which is flippin’ awesome. Such nice compression.

The audio was just captured on a RodeMic with the decibel boost turned up on that and the internal audio turned down.

In the edit, I just tried to capture the peaceful but joyful sense of community amongst all the people who had turned out. It was a great occasion.

Since release, the film has been viewed by over a 1000 people on instagram and shared by organisations such as the Outdoor Swimming Society. Above all, it’s just a nice wee record to look back on.