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Edinburgh’s Christmas Fake Advert

Edinburgh’s Christmas is an event which has grown arms and legs over the past few years. I’m fairly sure I can remember the first few years of the “German Market” when it was a couple of rows of shacks beside the national gallery. Now, the markets fill both sides of Princes St Gardens, occasionally St Andrews Square, George St, etc etc.

Anyway, so I just intended to cut together some timelapses to create a longer clip for social media, but then got carried away and shoved a few other clips that I had lying about on hard drives into the mix. So then I thought I might as well find the cheesiest Christmas music I could find, bosh on the Edinburgh’s Christmas logo and put it out there.

There is actually so much potential to create great, non cheesy content around Edinburgh’s Christmas , or Christmas in Edinburgh to be more precise. It is an incredible romantic and evocative city, especially when people coorie in to the cosy corners it is characterised by. Edinburgh is not a stylish city, fashion and cutting edge culture seem to have very little place here. It is a city where the very architecture is worn and had its edges softened, where the “places to be” are not the wine bars or edgy music venues but rather coffee shops, tea shops and second hand book shops. There are hosts of independent artisans who create beautiful works and I could, off the top of my head, write at least four treatments for emotive, cinematic and engaging content. As opposed to the Hallmark pisstake above. The key thing is really that any content you use to communicate your message should be genuine. Scripted content can still be this, but it must be true to your business’s values and ethos at the same time.  If you’d be interested in marketing your business in this fashion, drop me a line today.