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What calls the Stag? // Digital Content Creation

It is important to take time to practice new skills and we’re always on the look out for new avenues of personal digital content creation. Last week I (Rob) was walking from Haltwhistle near Hadrian’s Wall to Byrness on the Pennine Way. It was part of a stag do for my friend which, unlike most stag dos, involved only two people, around forty miles of walking and a couple of very large sirloins.

Knowing that the route would involve at least skirting the edge of the Keilder dark sky reserve, and that a new moon was on the cards, I decided to take a simple rig to have a bash at an astro-timelapse. In the interests of weight, I took a Canon 700d, plus a couple of spare batteries, an intervalometer and a shoddy excuse for a travel tripod.

I shot a few minutes of footage (50fps @ 720p) around the campsites to pad out the timelapse but that is where my main effort lay. Getting an angle was tricky, being in an almost ravine. The settings for shooting the timelapse were;

  • Shutter Speed – 20sec
  • Aperture – 2.8
  • ISO – 400
  • Interval – 25sec
  • White balance – 4000

It seems that this is a low ISO compared to other astro photographers but I wanted to try and minimise noise. In the end, having to push it in Lightroom probably degraded the image more than a bit of noise would. But it was an interesting experiment. I’d also probably invest in a wider lens than the 17-55 which was on it. Maybe a 14mm prime?

In the end I decided to bang a load of clips together to make a wee memento film but also to serve the digital content creation hunger of social media. Or actually, it’s a nice wee souvenir of a great trip with a great friend, and that is what it shall always be.

Anyway, if you’d like some properly considered content created for your own site or outdoor brand, drop us a line to have a chat.

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